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Sep 14, 2009

Having One of Those Days!!!

Good morning Ladies- This card was made when I was having one of those days when all you feel your doing is washing, cleaning, cooking- a day I'm sure you can all relate to !!!I have just had my son Ryan home for 1 months Tafe- he lives and works in the far North Pilbara Region of W.A. as A Refrigeration Mechanic and even though I love it to bits when he comes home -I forget each time the extra work I need to do!


  1. what a cute little card and I love the saying !

  2. Hey Aunt Deb! You ahve been mighty busy. Cant wait for my birthday again next year jsut so I can get one of those cards!!! hehe
    Congrats on winning that competition too.
    Love tenaha

  3. Oh I am not looking forward to the teenage years, although my daughter is 10 and acts 16 so you know I am getting a taste, hehe. I just LOVE love your card Debra, it's as always gorgeous. The sentiment is perfect, lol! xx

  4. Hi Debra, This is amazing, I love the scene you have made, so much work, but truly beautiful. And no I do not know days like when I feel like cooking cleaning etc all day, (crafting definately)......... I wish..or a least my family do..... LOL. Thanks for the inspiration
    Hugs Oz_Jodie

  5. Oh Debra! I had to laugh at this one. I can so relate. lol! Thanks I need a chuckle or two. such a darling card. Beautifully done.


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