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Nov 1, 2009

The Two of Us!!!!

*HELLO* I hope everyone is having an enjoyable weekend.My card today is card for my daughter , Rhiannon and her fiance, John. I just thought I would make this card to give them as we have been so busy organizing things for her wedding in January.
Wedding invites have gone out, Yes I made them!!!!still need to do place settings and other little things, but its all coming together nicely. On Friday we went to have her dress alterations done - well resizing and taking in  and will pick it up in 4 weeks time.- Yes, she has dropped down a whole dress size and she was tiny already- Must give her my chocolate bars to eat!!!!The amount of things that need to be done are amazing, but as she is my only daughter- and such a gorgeous girl, I have to say being so involved is wonderful.
 Have a Great Day, Hugs!


  1. Oh this is just a darling scene Debra! They're just too sweet on their swings & love all the flowers you've added! A Beautiful wedding card!


  2. Your Daughter and her sweetheart will love the
    card,such a pretty card.
    Linda W.

  3. Hey Jamesee. Still setting the craft world on fire I see. ANOTHER heart stopping card. What are the rest of us to do? Oh, your talent just kills me!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. WHat a lovely card Debra! I just love the scene you have created!!

  5. This is gorgeous Debra. Love the colours and your colouring is just perfect as always.

  6. WOW Debra - your only daughter getting married - how exciting is THAT!!! I bet you're asking where the time went!
    But how FABULOUS is this card - WOW. I'm sure Rhiannon and John will treasure this for a long long time!

  7. Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow..... Ok that being said, lol. I think you can pick up just how much I love your card! But then you always manage to blow me away! I'm sure the invites were just as stunning! Such and exciting time for you and yur daughter.

    Take care,
    Hugs Kel

  8. Hi Debra,
    What a wonderful card you have made for your daughter and her fiance!! So very sweet!!!!
    Hugs, Candy

  9. I love your card, it's so pretty!

    Janneke X

  10. Lovely! This scene is so pretty - perfect for a wedding! I can't believe you made all the wedding invitations - what a huge project that must have been. Congrats to you and your daughter! hugz, Angela

  11. What a lovely card, love the scene, perfect Wedding card! I bet you are excited getting things ready for the Wedding, Good luck!


  12. Total inspiration Debra, this card is amazing!!!
    Hugs Tara xx

  13. Your card is adorable ! To cute for words it just makes me smile

  14. Very nice of you to take time out of wedding prep to just think of them. I know I have been through it 3 times. Lovely card.

  15. Darling card, Debra, and the little scene you have created is just lovely!!! Hugs..Jacque

  16. What a sweet card, I love all of the flowers, leaves, grass and all the other extras you added. Great Job!!

  17. Aw, I loved your card the minute I opened your post and saw it, but then I read that it was for your daughter who is getting married. How sweet is that. The card is perfect and what a treasure for her to keep. Sounds like you're busy, but have things under control. You MADE the invites, WOW, I bet they are gorgeous, you must post one!!! Lovely card, even more lovely words about your girl!!!

  18. Hey DEB!! I just realized i tried posting before but something went wrong and it didnt go thru.I was saying how beautiful your card was and the colors you picked are just right.How romantic your daughter is gonna love love it!!!How creative is this!!!! CAU_TE!!!!!

  19. Wowie, this is really stunning, would you look at these two lovebirds swinging in the breeze. I'm just assuming it's breezy out, lol!! Just fantastic!! Your little girl is getting married, how fun it must be to be involved in the event, I too would love to see the invites!! Have a great week!!

  20. Well I FINALLY made it over here to take a peek! :) And guess what....I LOVE IT OF COURSE! LOL! What a precious card! Love the double swings and Tilda and Edwin look so wonderful on them! The tree branch looks fantastic with all the flowers and leaves. You did an awesome job, Debra! hugs!


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