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Sep 20, 2011

Goodbye Madde

Hi Friends, no card today but I just wanted to share this picture of my beautiful wonderful dog
 of just under 14 years who died  this morning , very unexpected and I was just not ready, but her poor old heart gave out on her.
When we get these dogs they become such a part of your family that their leaving has so much impact.
 She was the most loyal, friendliest, lovable, remarkable dog who always sat under my feet when I was crafting/creating that it will seem strange her not being there.
 Miss you Madde girl, crafting will not be the same without you. 


  1. Awe!! Debra, sending you huge cyber hugs sweetie. So sorry for your loss, and yes they do become such friends.
    Suzi x

  2. So sorry for your sad loss. Pets become such a huge part of the family - life is sometimes very hard without them xx

  3. So very sorry for your loss, until you own a pet I don't think people understand what a huge part of our lives they are. We lost our sweet Harvi a few years back and although we have another dog, I still miss him. Thinking of you
    Hugz Fleur xXx

  4. Hi sweetie, I am so sorry hun. I have two dogs myself and can't bear to think of the moment I will have to give them up! Hugs, Frea

  5. I'm so very sorry for the loss of your lovely companion. Big Hugs Viv xxx

  6. I'm so very sorry for your loss, my eyes wellled up reading your post.

  7. Oh Debra, I am so sorry for your loss.. It is never easy.. she was adorable.. BIG HUGS!! Bec xx

  8. Oooh Deb - I'm sooo sorry sweetie! I know how it feels and it's not easy! I'm sure Madde had the BEST life though - and you have some fabulous memories. Huge {{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}

  9. I am so sorry Debra. I know how attached we get to our fur babies. Maddie is waiting for you on the Rainbow Bridge

  10. oh deb so sorry to hear your sad news! sending you lots of love and strength! Mandi xxx

  11. No, I'm so sorry. :( Such a darling picture of Madde and I can totally picture her under your feet whilst crafting. Snuffles. Send you some hugs your way as I know how difficult this is go through. I still think of my pooch even after 18 years. *HUGS*

  12. Oh Debra, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss... Dogs give such unconditional love and bring so much pleasure that they really leave a hole when they are gone. She looks like she was a real sweetie too.



  13. That breaks my heart for you. I'm so sorry.

  14. Stumbled in here following Copic blog links from various places, but had to stop and comment on this post, which is not about Copics.

    Madde is adorable and I am so sorry for your loss. I have a little beast named Wilson, a King Charles/Lhasa mix and though we should have a few years yet, it will be terrible when he goes on.

    Because they are so wonderful, I surely hope they go on somewhere wonderful after all the time they spend keeping us company, warming us on cold nights and being the best buddies we could ever ask for.

    I hope Madde has some nice new friends and lovely snacks wherever she has gone. I bet she's telling her new pals all about you.


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