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May 26, 2011

My Handmade Photo Tent

 Hi Ladies, I have had a few inquires about my Photo tent that DH and  I made so here are the details.
 After looking at various photo tents either to make out of cardboard boxes with material or buying professional ones this is what my DH and I came up with.
I have to say this works brilliantly regardless of the either the weather , daytime or nightime!!!! 
It was just a few nails to hold the 4 frames approx 25cm by 33 cm together( any size will work) and then it was ready to use. I think it cost me no more then $12.oo, pretty good hey!!!!
I place it as you see it on my craft table, put my Ott/Daylight Light over the top of the gap with light shining down and angle my card at the back (ie... top of card leaning on photo tent and the bottom slightly angled out from the tent) hope that makes sense...... so the light picks up the shimmer.

I took the photos of my tag ( post below) at 11pm at night and as you can see the photos come out great. The canvas frames I used are only thin but I dont think it matters if you cant find the these, Im sure thick canvas ones will do the same you  just may need longer nails and what ever size you can find. I found the size above was perfect for what I needed for my cards. But if you need to Photograph scrapbook pages then of course you will need bigger.
I found mine at a cheap art place over here. So as you can see easy to make and works effectively.
If you make a canvas frame photo tent I would love to hear back from you  as Im sure DH would love to get some recognition ( just in case I need him to make more things for me, bahaha) 
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  1. What an amazing idea Debra! (and yes what a clever hubby LOL putting it together LOL) I think I will have to look at making one of these as I struggle on our rainy days in UK, thanks for sharing your brilliant idea! hugs, Jane x

  2. This is fantastic...thank you so much for the great idea ;0)

    Hugs Nicole

  3. Hi Debra: ! I don't believe it, but I think this is going to post! I love this idea SO much. It is brilliant, and brilliant of your SO brilliant husband (bahaha again lol) and you (trying to score you some extra points here. I love the way your pics have such clean and clear lines behind and beside them. And, this gnome pic is deliciously adorable, your coloring exemplary, as I have come to know your coloring to be and overall just an amazingly delightful little spry! Thanks for the idea Mr. Husband (and Mrs. Debra) I am going to make my own and will report back to the constructionaires how it works for me! Oh, dear husband of Debra's, isn't she wonderful for giving you such a huge shout out to millions of card making artistically intelligent really should keep building stuff for her! hee hee. Thanks Debra for the idea...I don't minimize at all YOUR own work and brilliance in this...just teasing you!!! Samara xox

  4. Fantastic, idea....I often see piles of these frames at the shops. I will have to look closer at the price now and buy me some. :-) Thanks for sharing your idea.

  5. I love this idea! I might have to go to the craft store this weekend. ;D

  6. UHHHH so easy and simple!!!



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